Creating Peace in Our Daily Life

by Ven. Thubten Chodron©
The Buddhist Library, Singapore
21 March 2008

Part 1 [42 min] : Download mp3 file

Setting a proper motivation for listening to the teaching. ~ Learning how to wake up correctly. The three most important things to do for the day. How to remind ourselves of these throughout the day. ~ Be aware of what’s going on in our mind: What am I thinking? What am I feeling? Steering the mind towards constructive thoughts.


Part 2 - Q&A. [31 min] : Download mp3 file

Questions asked:

  • In addition to generating love and compassion, don’t we also need to experience suffering in order to know the meaning of joy?
  • Question about requesting monastics to make prayers for oneself or others.
  • Question about negative karma created from consuming animals and animal products.
  • What is Dharma realisation?
  • Regarding the three motivations you mentioned, could you elaborate on the third motivation (setting our spiritual intention for our life)?
  • What are effective ways to deal with negative thoughts like anger and jealousy? Shouldn’t we just accept them and release them rather than say it’s a bad thought and think we need to think in a positive way and try and substitute it with a different way of thinking?
  • Is it possible to have anger with compassion and wisdom?


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