Dealing with Emotions

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In the course of one day, we experience so many emotions. Some, such as genuine love and compassion, are valuable. Others, such as attachment, anger, closed-mindedness, pride and jealously, disturb our mental peace and lead us to act in ways that hurt ourselves and others. These pieces help us to examine our disturbing attitudes and negative emotions and to explore some antidotes to pacify and transform them.


To Bear the Unbearable: the Bodhisattva Practice of Patience
by Ven. Thubten Chodron©
The Buddhist Library, Singapore
25 Apr 2006


Part 1. [16 min] : Download mp3 file | See Excerpts

~ Generating a proper motivation for listening to the teaching.

~ ‘Bearing the unbearable’ involves the bodhisattva practices of patience and joyous effort.

~ Three ways to practice the bodhisattva practice of patience:

   1. The patience of non-retaliation:

         a. not get angry when somebody’s angry at us
         b. not retaliate when others beat us.
         c. not gossip about people who slander us
         d. not insult those who insult us

Part 2. [31 min] : Download mp3 file | See Excerpts |
See Transcript on 'How to Deal with Sickness'

~ 2. The patience of enduring suffering. Story of a monk who was imprisoned and tortured. How to deal with sickness.

~ 3. The patience of practicing the Dharma. Ven. Chodron shares the experiences of her stay in India and Nepal learning the Dharma.

Part 3: Q&A.[39 min] : Download mp3 file

  • Why do we like to make ourselves victims in situations we encounter?
  • Question about capital punishment cases where victims and/or their families feel very strongly that justice is being done.
  • Clarification of the terms ‘mind’ and ‘emotion’.
  • When you go sight-seeing, is it a sensual pleasure?
  • Question about rejoicing at our negative karma ripening.
  • In parenting, where is the line between guiding, shaping and being responsible for your child, and controlling them? See Transcript.
  • When we wake up feeling stressed to the point of not wanting to get up, what do we do? See Transcript.
  • What did the monk do at that moment when he’s losing his compassion, in order not to lose the compassion?
  • Everything you’re saying takes practice. What do you do in the meantime when you meet a difficult situation?


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