Dealing with Emotions

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In the course of one day, we experience so many emotions. Some, such as genuine love and compassion, are valuable. Others, such as attachment, anger, closed-mindedness, pride and jealously, disturb our mental peace and lead us to act in ways that hurt ourselves and others. These pieces help us to examine our disturbing attitudes and negative emotions and to explore some antidotes to pacify and transform them.


Understanding the Mind
by Venerable Thubten Chodron©
PUB Auditorium, Singapore
Thur, 2 Nov 2000

[RealAudio files]

Meditation & setting a proper motivation for listening to the teaching [3 minutes] : Download | Listen

What is Mind in Buddhism? Different levels of mind. Why is it important to understand the mind?
[13 minutes] : Download | Listen

How the mind creates our experiences - I
[12 minutes] : Download | Listen

How the mind creates our experiences - II
[12 minutes] : Download | Listen

Relating to friends, family members, boring or disagreeable people: seeing each living being as an unknown treasure, drawing out their qualities and talents like a musician brings forth a beautiful piece of music from an instrument
[19 minutes] : Download | Listen

The second way in which our mind creates our experiences
[4 minutes] : Download | Listen

Question & Answer session
[36 minutes] : Download | Listen

Questions covered (Start-time for each question is indicated at the end):

  • How our pets help to calm our anger. 0:16
  • If we're all interdependent as the Buddha teaches, then wouldn't we be more reactive to the people around us, getting happy when they are, and miserable when they're miserable? 2:13
  • What would you advice be, to the family of the people on Flight SQ 006 that had crashed recently, to help them cope with their grief? 5:32
  • Where exactly is our mind located? What is the relationship between the mind and the consciousness? 11:54
  • What's the difference between the programs we find in society in general for creating postitive mental attitudes and the Buddhist way of doing it? 13:09
  • How do we know that Buddhism is the right way and what made you become a Buddhist? 15:30
  • If we always maintain a positive attitude towards other people, won't others take advantage of us? 17:03
  • Does love transcend everything, including religion? 19:18
  • How can I be truly happy when others are not? 21:09
  • The effect of the InterNet. 23:53
  • If we're going to be Buddhists and believe in being vegetarian, why do we eat mock chicken? 26:15
  • What does no-self mean? 28:44
  • How many rebirths do we have to go through and how much do we have to relinquish before attaining liberation or enlightenment? 30:26
  • Do you need to become a monk or a nun in order to attain Enlightenment? 32:39


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