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Sharing the Dharma: Don't Believe Everything You Think. 2013. Sravasti Abbey.

Buddha's Advice for a Better World

Introduction to the Buddhist Worldview.

Ethical Conduct in Modern Times. 13 November 2011. Singapore.

My Favorite Pastime - Complaining. 13 November 2011. Singapore.

Simplifying Our Lives. 14 November 2011. Singapore.

Introduction to Buddhism. 10 July 2008, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, USA.

The Four Seals of the Heart Sutra. 5-7 September 2009, Sravasti Abbey, Washington, USA.

Taming the Mind - Buddhist Ideas for Everyone. March-December 2009, Sravasti Abbey, Washington, USA.

Activism with Altruism. 31 August - 3 September 2007, Sravasti Abbey, Washington, USA.

Precepts and vows (Session 1 of Exploring Monastic Life 2007). Aug 2007. Sravasti Abbey, Washington,

Cultivating Contentment. 8 July 2007, Jewel Heart Center, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Working with Anger. 7 July 2007, Jewel Heart Center, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Compassion. 6 July 2007, Jewel Heart Center, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Emotional Health. July 2007, University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Youth and Dharma: Buddhist Practice and Community Living. 10 June to 17 June 2007, Sravasti Abbey, Washington, USA

The Eight Worldly Concerns. 08 June 2007, Maitripa Institute

Buddha's Life and Mahayana. 31 May 2007, Dharma Friendship Foundation, Seattle, Washington, USA

Open Heart Clear Mind: Buddhist Ideas for Everyone April-December 2007, Sravasti Abbey, Washington, USA

Planting the Seeds 25-28 May 2007, Newport, Washington, USA

Friendship and Community. 27-29 April 2007. Omega Institute, Rhineback NY.

Buddhism and Consumerism. 22 Apr 2007. Tibet House, New York City.

Wise Choices for a Good Life. 23 and 24 March 23, 2007. Northern Idaho College, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

The Buddhist World View and Recognising Your Life as a Rare and Precious Opportunity. 28 Nov 2006. The Buddhist Library, Singapore

Having a Peaceful Heart in a Complex World. 27 Oct 2006. Tai Pei Buddhist Centre, Singapore.

Faith and Inquiry. 22 April 2006. Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, Singapore.

How to Handle Everyday Problems. 30 Oct 2005, Tushita Mahayana Meditation Centre, Delhi, India

Contentment and Happiness. 23 Oct 2005, Tushita Meditation Centre, Dharamsala, India

Dealing with Grief. 24-25 Sep 2005, Sravasti Abbey, USA

A short guided meditation to still the critical mind. 14 Sep 2005, Emaho Center, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Rebirth: One of the Points that is Difficult for Westerners. April 2005. Tse Chen Ling Center, San Francisco, CA, USA

Revisiting My Motivation: Why Am I Giving? 17 Nov 2004, Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, Singapore

Wheel of Sharp Weapons (expanded version). 2004-2006, Sravasti Abbey, USA

Wheel of Sharp Weapons. 10-19 Sept 2004, Cloud Mountain, Washington, USA

Discussion: Squirming in a meditation session (RealAudio) 9 Sept 2004, Washington, USA

Emotional Health (RealAudio). Jul 2004, University of Wisconsin, USA

Three Beneficial Mental Factors (RealAudio) 24 June 2004, Deer Park, Wisconsin, USA

Joyous Effort. Feb 2004, USA

Open Heart, Clear Mind, 28 May 2003 & 9 Oct 2002, Mahabodhi Society of USA

Workshop on the Four Immeasurables, 13 & 14 Nov 2002, Tai Pei Buddhist Centre, Singapore

Live in the Present Moment versus Prepare for Future Lives: Are they Contradictory?, (RealAudio) Apr 2002, MABA, USA

Bringing a Buddhist Perspective to Counselling, (RealAudio) Oct 2001, Shan You Counselling Centre

Improving Our Relationships with Family members, friends and colleagues, (RealAudio) Oct 2001, Singapore Expo

Intro to Meditation, (RealAudio) Oct 2000/01, Singapore

Breathing Meditation, (RealAudio) Oct 2000/01, Singapore

Dealing with different sensations and distractions during meditation (RealAudio) Oct 00/01, Singapore

Q&A on Meditation. (RealAudio) Oct 00/01, Singapore

Loving Kindness/ Metta Meditation, (RealAudio) Oct 2001, Awareness Place Meditation Centre, Singapore

Love, Compassion & Altruism: Meditations on Kindness, Gratitude & Love, (RealAudio) Dharma Friendship Foundation, Seattle

Dealing with Depression, (RealAudio) Oct 2001, Buddhist Library, Singapore

Understanding the Mind, (RealAudio) Nov 2000, PUB Auditorium, Singapore

Three Thoughts to Generate Upon Waking Up (RealAudio)

Lamrim teachings/Teachings on the Gradual Path to Enlightenment.

Staying True to Our Ethical Principles (Espanol)

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