Lamrim: the Gradual Path to Enlightenment

Taking Delight in Giving: The far-reaching practice of generosity
Venerable Thubten Chodron
Cloud Mountain Retreat Center, Washington, USA
21 - 22 March 2009

In this series of talks Venerable Chodron discusses the far-reaching practice of generosity, dana paramita. She gives a commentary on Chapter 18 of Nagarjuna's text, "Treatise on the Middle Way." Ven. Chodron explains that aside from being a basic Buddhist practice, generosity is a quality respected by all of humanity. We can open our hearts to the joy of giving and let go of fear and withholding. She explains how we can develop generosity towards ourselves and others, whether it is in the realm of material things, affection, Dharma, or protection.

Part 1 [50 minutes] Download mp3 file

Ven. Chodron explains the benefits of generosity as listed by
Nagarjuna. She also explains what makes generosity a far-reaching practice.

Part 2 [59 minutes] Download mp3 file

Ven. Chodron talks about the disadvantages of miserliness. She also
talks about how to work with miserliness to develop generosity.

Part 3 [54 minutes] Download mp3 file

Ven. Chodron discusses training the mind to take delight in giving.
She talks about the characteristics of generosity.

Part 4 [41 minutes] Download mp3 file

Ven. Chodron talks about the types of pure and impure giving and the
motivations behind them.

Part 5 [11 minutes] Download mp3 file

Ven. Chodron talks about keeping our focus on the goal of
enlightenment while enjoying the process of getting there. She also
explains how giving gets rid of the afflictions. (partial recording)




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