Vajrasattva Retreat 2005:

On 5 January 2005, a three-month Vajrasattva Retreat was held at Sravasti Abbey. During the retreat, each morning the participants took turns leading their fellow retreatants in cultivating a good motivation for their meditation that day. You may want to read one of these motivations each morning to inspire your practice

Motivations by Lupita - Mar 25, 2005

With all the change that happens in each instant and the uncertainty of my life, I may not have another opportunity to express what I would like to express in my last motivation, so I'll take this opportunity as if it were my last. It isn't as much a motivation as it is me showing my appreciation. So let me begin.

After having spent 3 months together in retreat, I think we've shared many things. We've shared our most obscure and habitual attitudes, our moments of clarity, our disagreements, our likes, our fears, some gas here and there but most of all we've shared our tears. Wow, I think that I've exhausted my tears for a while. A few days ago it was quite interesting to discover that my tears normally didn't express sadness, quite the contrary; they expressed a profound love that could not have been translated into words. I discovered how it was difficult for me to express verbally my admiration and gratitude towards the people who surround me. One of the things I learned in this retreat was to attempt to do it. I don't want to die without expressing this marvelous feeling with the people I love.

I always thought that actions were more important than words, but now I feel that words are equally as important. I only want to wish that the future all of your Dharmic wishes be satisfied. That you keep cultivating a good heart and never forget bodhicitta.

That your next rebirth be as fortunate if not more fortunate then this rebirth.
And finally, I want to thank you for the opportunity to allow me to be part of this Great Dharmic Family


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