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Bringing the Dharma to the Middle East
Venerable Thubten Chodron
Israel, December 2007

This is a discussion that Ven. Chodron had with students of Israeli Dharma Friends.

Part 1 [31 min] Download mp3 file

Part 2 [41 min] Download mp3 file

Part 3 [28 min] Download mp3 file


Includes discussion on:

  • What does it mean to bring Buddhism to the West and to Israel? ~ Importance of knowing the Dharma well and not rejecting any part because it doesn’t suit us. ~ Discriminating Buddhism from culture.
  • Which way to go in the future for the Dharma group and the individuals in the group.
  • The different ways for people to practice together.
  • Whether having checklists and structure is helpful for a group.
  • The benefits of having discussion groups.
  • How the older members can set an example for the newer members. ~ Ven. Chodron: “The kind of example that you set is of somebody who is trying hard. You don’t have to set the example of somebody who is already a bodhisattvas because you’re not.”
  • Whether to have a Dharma center for regular group activities, what activities to plan and whether to get a resident teacher.
  • The importance of working together harmoniously and how each member can play his/her role well. ~ Being mindful of the influence of the eight worldly concerns. ~ What non-violent communication means and why it’s helpful.
  • Ways to relate to and work with other Buddhist groups and traditions.

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