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Introduction to Buddhism
Venerable Thubten Chodron ©
Lehigh University, Bethelehem, PA, USA

10 July 2008

Ven. Chodron gave this talk on the opening session of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's five days of teachings on the Lamrim Chen mo. She leads the discussion on the layout of the stages of the Path and how they will relate to the meditation practice by giving suggestions on how to explore going beyond our present limitations and discovering our individual potential. She discusses the current worldview of an objective world and challenges the strong view of the "ME" which seems to be the centre of universe. She advises us: "Don't believe everything you think" and discusses the disadvantages of having the self-centered way of thinking. She then discusses Mind Transformation, lack of inherent existence and cultivates caring for others. She speaks briefly on Dharma practice - internalizing the Teachings and the creation of the causes of enlightenment, and she says that we are not alone on the path.

Audio [51 minutes] : Download mp3 file



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