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Planting the Seeds to Cultivate Compassion
by Ven. Thubten Chodron©
25-28 May 2007
Newport, Washington

Venerable Chodron gave a series of talks on what attitudes to develop in order to cultivate compassion during a retreat at Sravasti Abbey.

Part I
Ven. Chodron talks about the importance of developing equanimity in cultivating compassion. She talks about developing an equal open heart for all. The talk includes a guided meditation on equanimity.
[53 minutes] : Download mp3 file

Part I Q+A
- How do you have equanimity for rats or insects that may be harmful?
- How do you deal with a person who has killed many animals?
- Why do certain people or personalities rub us wrong but don't bother others?
- How do you overcome apathy when you are in a situation like a supermarket where there are many others?

[23 minutes] : Download mp3 file

Part 2
Ven. Chodron continues to talk about the attitudes needed to develop compassion. She talks about how to see others as having been kind to us by seeing all beings as having been our mother.
[30 minutes] : Download mp3 file

Part 2 Q+A
- What is samsara?
- How can you help insects?
- What is the role of inner work on our mind to our actions?

[20 minutes] : Download mp3 file

Part 3
Venerable Chodron talks about the importance of seeing others as kind and how to develop the attitude that sees ourselves and others as equal.
She also talks about the need to see that others are not the source of our suffering, but that we create our own experience.

[ 50 minutes] : Download mp3 file

Part 3 Q+A
- When we don't give into negative thoughts when we are harmed does that benefit them as well as us?
- Would you explain the antidotes to the mental afflictions?
- When someone does something to you and you are feeling angry, aren't you making an excuse for them by saying they are suffering?
- What is the right action to do when someone in the community is causing harm?
- What do you do in a situation where conventional wisdom says you are being harmed and you need to be aggressive or assertive?
- If there is part of you that is trying to get pity what do you do?

[34 minutes] : Download mp3 file


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