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Rebirth: One of the Points that is Difficult for Westerners
by Ven. Thubten Chodron©
Tse Chen Ling Center, San Francisco, CA, USA
April 2005

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Venerable Chodron explains the Buddhist view of beginningless time, the continuity of mind and body, past and future lives, and how understanding rebirth can benefit Dharma practice.
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Rebirth Q&A
Questions discussed:
-Are there rebirths in other universes?
-Could you explain the term adventitious in terms of disturbing attitudes?
-It seems like we benefit from others unfortunate rebirth in lower realms. Do we benefit from their suffering?
-Can you talk about samsara and nirvana? Are they dualistic?
-How can you become friendly and not be overwhelmed by others?
- How can I share space with others in a constructive way? How can I heal anger?
-What does emptiness mean when everything seems so concrete?
[39 min] : Download



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