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Wisdom and Compassion
by Ven. Thubten Chodron©
Buddhist Fellowship, Singapore .
16 March 2008

Part 1 [29 min] : Download mp3 file

A little about caring for sentient beings through being eco-friendly. ~ The kindness of others - our parents, teachers, friends, and even strangers and people who have harmed us.

"It’s so easy to look back and see what we don’t like and get stuck in that mode of thinking. And when we do that, we miss out on a lot of beauty. When we train our minds to look back and think of the kindness we’ve received from others, then our mind becomes very joyful and very peaceful."


Part 2 [31 min] : Download mp3 file

Our ability to attain realizations depends on the kindness of others. ~ Seeing sentient beings as kind and hence lovable, is the forerunner to developing compassion. ~ Compassion is not condescension. ~ How our self-centeredness deceives us and creates problems for us by making us super-sensitive and prickly. ~ Compassion has to be practised with wisdom, otherwise it becomes ‘mickey-mouse’ compassion. ~ Practising compassion with the wisdom that understands the emptiness of inherent existence. ~ Accumulating the two collections of merit and wisdom that lead to the two bodies of a Buddha.


Question & Answer [23 min] :Download mp3 file

  1. I accidentally killed a baby lizard that was in the incense holder on my altar. I feel very remorseful about that. What should I do?
  2. We are here in this life to learn our lessons as a result of our past actions. Are we interfering in somebody’s karma and denying them the opportunity to grow if we render them help when they’re in difficulty?
  3. What do we do with disease-bearing animals or insects in our house if we are trying to keep the precept of not killing?
  4. Regarding the example you mentioned about somebody greeting us with ‘Good Morning’, how then do we know that it’s a sincere greeting?
  5. It is said that a monk can liberate ants, cockcroaches, etc with their wisdom and compassion. What do you think about this?


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