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Prayers are ways of guiding our thoughts and energy in a certain direction; they are a technique in helping us transform our mind. By repeatedly thinking of the meaning of what we are saying or reading, we train and familiarize ourselves in a way of regarding and relating to ourselves and others. The testing ground that shows us which qualities are firm within us and which ones still need to be developed is our daily life with all its various activities. Thus for a person dedicated to developing his or her Buddha potential, prayers and the activities of daily life complement each other.

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Prostrations from Afar
Venerable Thubten Chodron
Sravasti Abbey, Newport, Washington USA
Ongoing: Beginning June 2006

Students from around the world are participating in the Prostrations from Afar. During a monthly teleconference, Ven. Chodron answers participants' questions.

June Teleconference
4 June 2006 [54 minutes] :
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Venerable Chodron gives an explanation of the practice of prostrations to the thirty-five Buddhas and answers questions.
- Can you explain the visualization done during the prostrations?
- Can you explain the sections on confession and rejoicing?
- Can you give advice on doing the practice when you have young children?

July Teleconference
28 June 2006 [64 minutes] :
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- Do have to do the practice before midnight?
- Can you clarify dedication?
- What about doing the practice while you are on a retreat?
- At the end should we meditate on the emptiness of our transgressions?
- What if you find it difficult to say you will not do the action ever again?
- What do you do when self-doubt makes it difficult to practice?
- How do you handle strong emotions that arise during the practice?

August Teleconference
25 August 2006 [56 minutes] :
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- What do you do when you feel there is no progress?
- What can you do to increase your enthusiasm for purification practice?
- Are there different qualities of the different Buddha families?
- How can I see the practice as a meditation on emptiness?
- Can you talk about purification in terms of dependent arising?


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