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E=MC2: Examinations=Mindfulness, Compassion & Concentration
by Venerable Thubten Chodron©
at National University of Singapore
Mon, 2 Oct 2000

[RealAudio files]

Compassion in Exams [19 minutes] : Download | Listen

Concentraion & Mindfulness in Exams
[12 minutes] : Download | Listen

Question & Answer session [28 minutes] : Download | Listen

Questions covered (Start-time for each question is indicated at the end):

  • Some people claim that listening to music helps them to concentrate. Is it possible to concentrate on both music and studies at the same time? 0:23
  • Does mindfulness also include being aware of what's going on around you while you're concentrating on your studies? 1:21
  • How do you meditate while reading? 2:29
  • How can we overcome fatigue, sleepiness, and dullness of mind when studying? (Note: we apologise that recording is incomplete for this part) 4:50
  • We want to procrastinate worrying like you suggested, but our mind won't listen to us. 7:44
  • Some people believe that fate and destiny shape their lives. Do we leave things to fate or do we fight for what we want? 10:35
  • It seems like human beings usually need a better reason for doing things than compassion.14:05
  • Will we make something bad happen by imagining it? 17:19
  • You mentioned about sharing notes with others out of compassion. But people are selfish -- how do I learn to let go and to share more with other people? 20:10
  • What is the best way to overcome fear before entering the exam hall? 20:53
  • How do you control nervousness and mental blocks in exam even though you've prepared well for it? 22:11
  • How do you hang in there when you're trying to be nice and compassionate to others, when it seems that they don't care or appreciate it at all? 22:54


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